Player Profiles

Greg Barrett


Name: Greg Barrett

Change one thing in the GAA: Less low balls!!

Favourite sport / activity other than GAA: Set Dancing

Best player ever played against: Kevin Barrett in training!

Most inspirational player played with: David Cotter was an inspiration to me in school

If I had to phone a friend on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire', I would call: Jimmy Barrett!

Most influential mentor/ person in the Club when I was growing up: Willie Barret was a boyhood hero of mine

Best memory as a Kilmurry player: Winning Under Minor county championship in 2009

You may not know it, but I'm also good at: Falling over!

The funniest person on our team is: Stephen Down is a barrel of laughs

Favourite music currently in the ipod /cd player: Lady Gaga

My favourite food is: Mike Ahern's penny sweets!

If there was a ‘transfer market' who would you buy? Colm Cooper

The best invention ever: The tights to keep the swelling down on my leg!

Person you would most like to meet: Bertie Ahern

Marooned on a desert island what could you not be without: The tight for my swollen leg!!!

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